Vin Diesel Made Things Awkward By Repeatedly Hitting On A Woman Interviewing Him


A YouTuber has said she felt uncomfortable during an interview with Vin Diesel, who repeatedly interrupted her questions to call her “beautiful” and “sexy”.

The Fast and Furious actor took part in a press junket with the Brazilian YouTuber Carol Moreira who has more than 280,000 subscribers on the video-sharing site to promote his film XXX: Return of Xander Cage.




The conversation did go back to Diesel’s career for a few further minutes before he revived his line of comments: “How am I supposed to sit here while looking at such beauty? She’s so beautiful, I’m in love.”

Moments later, the level of discomfort reached a new high, when Diesel said: “Man she’s so f***** sexy, I can’t do this interview, look at her” before getting down on his knees in front of the YouTube star.

“Someone save me, when did this turn into beautiful world… when did this turn into I love you?” he proclaimed before Moreira got up out of her seat and wrapped up in the interview.

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