To The Guy Who’s Showing Me Every Day How Great Love Can Be


by Angelica Bottaro for Bolde

You came into my life unexpectedly, when I wasn’t looking for anyone at all. I practically swore off men and relationships to keep my heart protected, but when I met you, all those boundaries I’d set up just dissolved. The way I love you isn’t like anything I’ve experienced before and the connection we have is otherworldly. That’s how I know it’s the realest love I will ever experience:

1. OUR MEETING FELT LIKE SERENDIPITY. There have been countless moments in both our pasts when we could have bumped into each other but didn’t. It’s like the universe was making us both experience certain things so that when we did finally meet, we’d know without a shadow of a doubt that we were prefect for each other.

2. I REGRET LESS OF MY BAD DECISIONS.Not because I don’t see them as bad decisions but because every single one of them led me to you. They made me who I am today and who I am now is someone that’s fully capable of loving you in and out. I’d go through it all again if I knew it would lead me to you.

3. I’M THANKFUL FOR ALL THE A**HOLES I’VE HAD.If it wasn’t for my previous boyfriends being so horrible to me, I wouldn’t have left them. They would still be in my life or in my heart but now that I have you, I couldn’t be more thankful for them being them.

4. I FINALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR.All my life, I’ve felt as though I was waiting for something but couldn’t quite put a finger on what it was. Now that I have you, it’s all become clear: I was waiting for you.

5. I’M NOT AFRAID OF MESSING THINGS UP BECAUSE I KNOW WE’LL DO WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE THIS WORK.I’m going to act crazy sometimes and I’m not going to be perfect. How I feel about you is a way I’ve never felt about anyone and although it scares me to know what that can do to me, I won’t allow myself to fight it. Neither of us are perfect and we don’t need to be — the important thing is that we’re willing to put on the work to keep our love alive and thriving.

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