This Student Was Sent Home from School for Wearing a Turtleneck Dress


This student at Riverview Community High School in Riverview, Michigan, was shocked to learn that her outfit did not follow the school’s strict dress code. According to the school’s online code of conduct, “All skirts/short/Capri pants must fall at or below the knees.” However, McGovern claimed the outfit was one she often wears to church.

With hundreds of shares on Twitter, McGovern’s tweets reached other students across the nation who agreed with the ridiculousness of her being sent home. Twitter user @antoniodelotero quote tweeted McGovern’s post and commented the following:

​In an interview with FreshU, McGovern said:

I think the schools dress code is unfair because I see boys who wear shorts that go down the same length as my dress did. I know my school has a really strict dress code but I didn’t think they’d actually send me home for what I was wearing because it was so conservative.

Alexa Foggia, a junior at Riverview and a friend of Erin’s, also called out the dress code for being sexist. She told FreshU:

Girls get sent home everyday for dress code and it’s so sexist. The main argument from my school is that it’s too distracting for the boys. Instead of teaching girls to coverup and blaming them for wearing what they want, we should teach boys to have some self-control.”

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