This Stay-At-Home Mom’s Facebook Post Was “Liked” Over 640,000 Times, But It Deserves More


The hard work of mothers, and all that they do for their families, can sometimes be overlooked. So, one tattoo artist mom, named Ryshell Castleberry, penned an emotional Facebook letter “dedicated to all the women who give their lives for the welfare of their families.” Castleberry wrote the letter in early March after hearing criticisms that a stay-at-home mother “doesn’t work.”

The post features a hypothetical conversation between a psychologist and a husband who says his housewife “doesn’t work.” But after the husband rattles off a list of his wife’s daily tasks, including getting the kids dressed and ready for school, going to the supermarket, taking care of the baby, cleaning, cooking and putting the kids to bed, it’s clear his definition of “work” is quite skewed.

It begins with an imagined situation where a husband complains to his psychologist that his “wife does not work”

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