Adele Will Have ‘No Man’ Telling Her To Shave Her ‘F**kin’ Legs’


Adele really, truly gets it.

In a new interview with Vanity Fair, Adele reveals that she may just be the most relatable celebrity that has ever lived. She admits to being able to eat an entire packet of cheese. (Same.) She burps all the time. (Same.) She gushes over Beyoncé any chance she can. (Obviously same.)


And Adele, like most of us, is also sick of having to conform to certain beauty standards in order to please men and/or society. For her, that means she’s not shaving her legs for anyone but herself.

After revealing that she went without shaving her legs one month while touring, Vanity Fair’s interviewer asks if her boyfriend minded.

Her response should be engraved into a national monument.

“He has no choice,” she said. “I’ll have no man telling me to shave my f*ckin’ legs. Shave yours.”

The 10-time Grammy award winner has used her concerts to blast some of the “f**king ridiculous” pressures on new and expectant mothers, memorably telling those advocating that women must to “go f**k yourselves, alright?”.

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