5 Privileges Men Don’t Realize They Have


Our current cultural expectations, legislative system, and social programming work to sustain a hierarchy that constantly places men on the top. Consequently, men consistently achieve, succeed, and benefit at the expense of every other gender. That’s called male privilege.

But here’s the thing about male privilege: it hurts everyone, including you. This is because accessing male privilege often requires you to conform to a toxic norm of masculinity.

So we have to face the ways traditional masculinity is rewarded with privilege in order to liberate everyone from the painful trap of society’s oppressive boxes.

Let’s look at a few of the privileges that men don’t realize they have.

1. You can walk home at night and not have to automatically fear being attacked based on what you are wearing.

2. You’re less likely to be interrupted when you speak – studies of men and women showed that both interrupted women more than men.

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