10 Types Of Guys Who Are Never Worth Your Time


by Emily Derry for Bolde


Finding a good guy may not be easy, but we know they’re out there, and that’s why we keep dating. Of course, we probably end up with more than a few a**holes before we find Mr. Right, but save yourself the trouble by avoiding these 10 types of guys — they’re seriously not worth your time.

1. THE HOUDINI IMPERSONATOR.If you’re dating a guy, or attempting to, who’s there one week and gone the next, f*ck that. If he’s that unpredictable and values your place in his life so little, then shut that door and hope it hits him in the ass.


The worst thing a guy can do is play on the emotions of a girl who he knows is into him. If you really like him and he’s saying all the right things but not actually backing them up, you need to move on ASAP.


At the end of the day, if you want a relationship and he isn’t making it official, what’s the point in sticking around? Ultimately you’re never going to change his mind, and even if he miraculously does suddenly want to lock things down, chances are he won’t be seriously invested.


When a guy can’t take responsibility for his own actions, he’s probably a disaster to date. If he thinks that he’s never the problem, chances are he’s really good at gaslighting in order to deflect the reality of his shortcomings. If all he does is trash his exes, remember that he’ll probably add you to that list one day.

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